Bh cosmetics: safe on kids?


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So I'm redoing my kit. I happen to do a whole lot of theatre productions, and every now and then I work with very little kids. I find that my regular theatre kit either doesn't apply to young children, or the kids are very handsy and like to touch and in some cases break products. There also tends to be more of them, so I feel it would be most cost effective to use brands such as bh cosmetics on them. The 150 (or whatever they are) palettes would be very helpful for me because the kids always want bright shadows, and having a palette that large would be good for an assortment, not to mention time effective as I wouldn't have to scramble through 50 different nyx singles like I do now. I have very strong beliefs on not putting anything dangerous on anyone's face. I understand that they aren't wearing the makeup for very long, but I pride myself in being an ethical and safe makeup artist. So my question is, is bh cosmetics safe? Can I trust it to put it on these kids? Also, I don't usually put moisturizer and primer on the kids faces (I use eyeshadow primer though) but I'm wondering it the primer can act as a barrier between the makeup and their skin.


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The palettes BH Cosmetics sells can be found on eBay for cheaper (BH tends to mark prices way up), and often with free shipping, if you want to go that route. I've never used them, personally. (I don't have a use for that many colours.) Or, you can buy a 100-palette from e.l.f. for $10, or a 144 palette for $15. (I've used e.l.f. stuff on myself without issue.)

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