Big ISO/Want list!


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Help me spend money. Prefer BNIB or as close as possible. Mac huggable lipsticks Mac Fix+ (coconut, yuzu, cucumber) Tom Ford cream eyeshadows (illicit, gilt) Estée Lauder gelee highlighters (modern Mercury, heatwave, crystal baby, pure pink, basically any of them) Limited edition guerlain balls Guerlain gems lipstick Armani belladonna highlighter


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I have a lightly used Mac Huggable lippy from the last collection. Red Necessity. Can send you a pic. Pls pm me for more info.


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Are you still looking for more Mac Huggables? I have 2 nib ones - Commotion and Feeling Amorous. Never used. Got them at the CCO recently. Way below retail prices!
You can PM me or email [email protected].


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throwitawaynow throwitawaynow not sure if you are still looking for these, but I have:
Estee Lauder Heat Wave Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder Gelee used 2x
MAC Cantonese Carnation Huggable Lipcolour used 1x
MAC Cherry Glaze Huggable Lipcolour used 2x
MAC Commotion Huggable Lipcolour used 2x
MAC Dramatical Huggable Lipcolour used 1x
MAC Feeling Amorous? Huggable Lipcolour used 2-3x
MAC Out For Passion Huggable Lipcolour used 2x
If you are interested in anything here, please inbox me. Thanks!

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