Biggest Loser-Specktra style


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Yay!!! :cheer: Now we are all going to support eachother and we will keep inspired to finish our goal!! When are we going to start our commitment diet/healthy eating/ exercise ?


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Thank you Richelle! You're always putting things in motion for us!


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How's about a start date of Monday and an end date of 1/31? or 2/28? Want to give enough time to recoup from the holidays in case we get sidetracked lol.


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I think this is a cool idea, I've been seriously undisciplined for a few months now and since I'm on Specktra so much maybe I'll get that motivation back!


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This is a great idea! Especially now that it's holiday season with all the drinks and sweets and being less active


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I need a treadmill. I have my periods where i love running outside then when it gets cold i love running on the treadmill


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This is a great idea! I don't have a workout/health buddy here, so you guys will be my new "lifestyle change" buddies!


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Well I'm having a late (Canadian) thanksgiving dinner tonight so I will be starting Monday! I'm super busy with working full time and school full time so until the end of my semester I'm just gonna change my diet, I barely have time to shower let alone work out

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