Blonde hair to chocolate brown?! Help!


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Okay so I am a natural blonde i have some blonde highlights in my hair as well, but im considering dying my hair a chocolate brown as well as cutting my hair. I have wavy/ curly hair to the middle of my back and would like some ideas on a new hair cut/ style. Opinions on dying my hair chocolate brown, good or bad idea? and any hair cut/ style ideas would be great! Thanks!
My photo is my avatar and i have more photos of me in my avatar album if you need a better idea of what i look like although most of the pictures i have straight hair in.:)


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Im a stylist n I think chocolate brown will look really pretty if u add in a few random carmel hi lites because dyed brown hair often can be extremely flat and lifeless... Or if u prefer u can do chocolate underneath and warm golden brown on the top, that'd be super flattering on u... Its always a good idea to stay within a few shades of ur natural color for the most flattering n natural effect :)

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