Blue Flame E/S & Delft P/P


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I'm in LOVE with these two colors together and separately.
I have a few questions though...

I got mine from a CCO trip a few weeks ago in Hagerstown, MD. Well, yesterday, I go to the CCO in the Saks Fifth Outlet Store (the actual name escapes me) in Arundel Mills Mall. I see the same Blue Flame e/s (no delft) this time as well. Now I know MAC is still selling Delft p/p and Blue Flame e/s on their website as a regular product. I thought blue flame was a more recent product. My questions are why are they selling them in CCO if they are still selling them for full price on the website? Is there something wrong with the products you get from the CCO if it's a regularly stocked MAC product? I didn't check if they sell them in the free standing store or the counter stores. I'm just wondering...

Thank ladies!


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well as for blue flame which one did you see at a cco? because the mineral one only came out with style black about a month ago. but last year mac made a normal dark blue shadow called blue flame (part of cool heat collection and looks like dep truth) so is that what you actually saw at the cco?

as for seeing delft... nothing is wrong with the products at cco's. quite often they'll have things from the perm line knocking about. not sure why but it's good when they have brushes!!


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I didn't realize there was a regular and a mineral one. Now that you say that, I'm taking it's the mineral one. I just assumed they were the same because it never crossed my mind that MAC would reuse a name.


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It is strange that the eyeshadow would be there since it was released so recently; but MAC sends overstock to CCOs as well; there is nothing wrong with the products in CCOs. The most you will find is a misaligned printing or a packaging malfunction; which is super rare.

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