Brands that are well-known for having the best (insert type of makeup)


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hey all. i'm wondering which brands are well-known for a certain type of makeup. like, how mac is known for their many shades and finishes of eyeshadows and nars for their high quality blushes. i'm wondering about other brands and products: which brand is known to have great quality lipglosses, or foundation, or finishing powder, etc. thnx!


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MUFE - great foundation and selection of waterproof pencils
Stila - high-quality eyeshadows, adorable packaging
Too Faced - excellent eyeshadows, great primer
Dior - mascara
Lorac - amazing palettes
Urban Decay - fantastic waterproof pencils, vast and varied selection of eyeshadows, cute palettes

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Too Faced - primer and lipstick. They're so creamy and go on smoothly.
MUFE - ANYTHING from the HD line and their Aqua Eyes pencils. I <3 the HD powder.
Nars - foundation. This is the ONLY brand I've found that has a color that's light enough for me

shu uemura - eyelash curler and mascara
Anastasia - brow powders/gels/highlighers


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Best lipstick/gloss - MAC
Best mascara - Maybelline
Best blush - NARS
Best eyeshadow base - Urban Decay

For me at least.


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Go to and look up their beauty awards or whatever they call them

It has all the popular products that many people seem to love


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Shu Uemura - best eyelash curler and liquid eyeliner
Urban Decay - Primer Potion, excellent eyeshadows
Mac - brushes, paint pots (great as base)
Clinique - powder foundation
Nars - blush

In my opinion =)


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MUFE - as said before ANYTHING but the really best are foundations and waterproof eye/lip liners amazing!
NARS - Blush and lipgloss
Dior - mascara and lipstick

On the sephora's page lot of people say BE for foundation... I don't think its THAT good... (I have it though hahaha but won't repurchase)


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Best Pressed Eyeshadow - MAC (Lancome in a close second)
Best Loose Eyeshadow - MAC
Best Cream Eyeshadow - MAC (Dior in a close second)
Best Eyeshadow Primer - Too Faced
Best Pencil Eyeliner - Urban Decay
Best Retractable Eyeliner - Stila
Best Liquid Eyeliner - Lancome
Best Gel/Cream Eyeliner - Bobbi Brown (MAC in a close second)
Best Misc. Eyeliner - Playboy Beauty
Best Mascara - Dior
Best Lash Primer - Shiseido
Best Brow Product - Benefit
Best Foundation - Shiseido
Best Tinted Moisturizer - Laura Mercier
Best Face Primer - Tricia Sawyer (Make Up For Ever in a close second)
Best Bronzer - Jelly Jelly Pong Pong
Best Luminizer/Highlighter - Girlactik Beauty
Best Concealer - Givenchy
Best Set Powder - MAC
Best Blush - NARS
Best Lip Stick - Chanel
Best Lip Gloss - Yves Saint Laurent
Best Lip Stain - Stila
Best Lip Balm - Cynthia Rowland
Best Lip Plumper - Cythnia Rowland

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