Britney releases unedited pictures of herself


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Re: Britney releases uneditted pictures of herself

I think Jessica Simpson started a huge movement when she posed without makeup or airbrushing on the cover of...was it Marie Claire?? Not sure, but anyway. I really like this new trend. I think its gonna be huge.

Kudos to Britney for having the guts to do this shoot. But I think the paparazzi shots have shown all this before when they go for those no-makeup shots of celebs leaving Starbucks.


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Re: Britney releases uneditted pictures of herself

Miley Cyrus new video proves that shes becoming the next Britney.


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Re: Britney releases uneditted pictures of herself

The more I look at the differences the stranger the airbrushed versions look.

She's still wearing a lot of makeup though. I don't even think she looks bad in them.


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britney's leg looks so weird in the photoshopped version...
half her calf if gone! It looks like its too small to support her body... like a weird dwarf staircase spindle.


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Crazy what is expected of women. Press attacks you your too fat, too ugly, too short, too tall.It's so said that so many people buy into it


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I always felt like the press was a wee bit hard on Britney, and certain celebrities in general, although South Park handled that view point far better than I can here.
Suffice to say that this has been the talk of the town between my friends and I for a few months now, and we admire any artist who is willing to take the "hit" for showing themselves being less than perfect.

As I was telling my sister just a few hours ago, "the media degrades actresses for being too fat, then degrades them for being too thin...there's no winning with them."

This is not a new phenomenon, however. Recently, a fellow blogger made a post about how when "men were in control of art," the expectations of female beauty were realistic, and he cited the rubenesque blondes in paintings of old...a charming notion, but during the era in which those paintings were created, most people were dark-skinned, weather-worn, and very malnourished. So alas, unrealistic expectations of beauty may have changed, but they are nothing new.


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i think airbrushing bruises etc, spots etc is some what acceptable, nobody likes anyone to see their spots and bruises, but to completely distort the shape of some one? that's nuts, its not even realistic or possible to look like that


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i agree that jessica simpson started this new wave though celebrities have been doing this on and off for years..
i do think it's brave though


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good move on her part. sort of treats the audience with a bit of respect. "i know that you know that i don't actually look like this. it just makes a pretty picture. my actual appearance is no secret, but in case you were wondering..."

also nice because it demonstrates that, celebrity or not, no matter how hard you may work out, there's no getting rid of some things. those things are our own and we should learn to be okay with them.

bravo, britney! but, let me be your common sense adviser and suggest that you are much too old to still be tapping into the paedo market. put down the cotton candy and listen to old janet jackson (ms jackson, if you're nasty).


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I love it. She still looks great but like a real human being. It was nice to see some veins and that sort of stuff that made me breathe a sigh of relief.


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i'm pleased that people are now showing the real images. it's brave of the celebs but equaly i think it's important for them to continue to do this. it show us that nobody is perfect... even if they seem that way


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i'm a HUGE britney fan. i like that she did this also. madonna just did as well with her louis vuitton ads.

i think it's good for stars to show pics like that... i mean, we all know their ads are airbrushed heavily but for them to release the REAL pics is good to put out there that they aren't perfect

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