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Brush: 194 (concealer brush)


New member
Overall rating 5
Price value 5
Packaging quality 1 (open ended plastic bag seems low class to me)

The 194 concealer brush is like a mini foundation brush. It has longer bristles than the eyeshadow brushes and is very stiff yet soft for using in concealor spots- esp under the eyes.

I have used this brush for shadows, concealor, and even blending of shadow bases. It is quite versatile and cleans up nicely. I like the way that it makes the foundation look flawless when using as concealor.


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Overall Rating: 2
Price [Value]: 2
Packaging Quality: 5
Would you buy this product again? No

i got this in the tailormade brush set. i rather use my fingers to apply concealer. this brush just didnt do much for me. i can just apply concealer with my finger and pat on and still get the same coverage. Maybe its just me, but im glad i didnt buy this on its own.


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Overall Rating: 3
Price [Value]: 3
Packaging Quality: 3
Would you buy this product again? No.

The bristles aren't as stiff as I would like them to be...