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Brush: 242 (Shader brush)


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Overall rating: 5++++
Price Value: 5+++
Packaging quality 1
Buy again! YES!!!

This is another of the most amazing brushes I have ever used. I use Lancome Colour Doses or Fluidlines for my eyeshadow bases constantly. They used to go on splotchy and unevenly no matter WHAT I used to apply them. When I discovered the 242 brush, I could not believe the even way that they applied these bases.

I have two of these, and keep one for dark bases and the other for lighter ones, that way when I am doing an eye look, I can easily swap without having to clean the brushes off between dark vs light colors.

I can not rave about this brush enough. It is fabulous for cream bases or shadows. Applies is almost flawlessly. I can not be without this brush. I can even feel confident using just the colour dose or fluidline on the eye with no shadow over it. The 242 brush applies it so evenly that it looks very professional.


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Overall Rating: 5
Price [Value]: 5
Packaging Quality: 5
Would you buy this product again? Yes

I use to use this to apply my lid color, but i found that the 239 brush works much better. This brush in particular is the brush i reach for to apply paints on y lid or certain spots on my eyes. It works extremely well with creamy emollient products. When i mix my pigments with mixing medium, the is the brush i use also.
Brush: 242 (shader)

Overall Rating: 5
Price: 5
Packaging Quality: 1
Would you buy this product again? Yes.

I actually have two of these brushes. They have a lot of versatility. Great for either heavily packing on color, especially those chunky textured pigments. Also great for applying emollient products. Not your softest brush, but it definitely makes up for it with its range of uses and ease to clean between colors.


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Overall Rating: 5
Price: 4.8
Packaging Quality: 1
Would you buy this product again?: Yes

This is one of the first brushes I ever bought, which was recommended by one of the MA's, and it works wonderfully! It packs on such great color without having to keep dipping for more. I have also been told that it works great for paints, yet I haven't tried it. I'll edit my post when I do, but I'm sure it will be fine!


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Overall rating: 5
Price Value: 4.5
Packaging quality 5*
Buy again! YES!!!

* (packaging of brushes is not an issue to me as long as the brush isn't damaged)

I own two of these brushes and there isn't a doubt in my mind when I say these are the most versatile of my collection. For starters, nothing packs on colour better than a 242. (I know that many people reach for their 239 for this purpose but to be honest my 239 can't hold a candle to my 242s).

The 242 is also great for applying emollient or cream based products (such as paint pots) or blending out shadesticks - both of which make excellent bases. It's also great for foiling shadows/pigments due to the nature of its bristles and is easily cleaned between colours.

One recommendation: Choose your own brush. My 242s actually differ in bristle shape so I find one works better than another for a given purpose.