Buying habits?


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I don't mean spending habits.. I mean what makes you buy an item? For me it is #1 smell #2 package #3 color


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1. Does it work for me? 2. Will I use it?
That's pretty much all I ask myself.
It has to work with my skin tone, and just be something I know I will use. Smell and Packaging aren't really factors for me.


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I am a total packaging whore. If it looks good alot of the time I buy it. It's how I pick my wine. If I like the bottle I buy it. It's one of the reasons I like NARS. And they also have beautiful colors.


Packaging and Appearance
The way it smells when you put it on
The way it wears, how long it lasts and what it smells like after the notes settle

Packaging and Appearance
The quailty

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