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Hey Specktrettes!

I'm still getting used to the new camera but I have been practicing my make up and using the camera with it's gazillion settings. I went out on a date last night
which was our third date in a row. It was nice! Anywho, this is the make up that I did for the evening. Please excuse the monstrous pores and the unblended lip liner. Everything looks so good until you're viewing it in Photobucket. Here we go:

Bare Minerals Warm Deep
MAC Natural MSF Deep Dark
MAC Flirt & Tease Blush
MAC Studio Finish Concealer Palette Deep Dark

MAC Clear Brow Wax
MAC Brow Pencil Stud

Eyes (Accessories):
Loreal Lash Out Mascara
MAC Fluidline Blacktrack (half of the upper lid)
MAC Dusk Cream Color Base (entire lid)

Eyes (Shadow):
MAC By Jupiter Mineralized Eye Shadow (inner 2/3)
MAC Antiqued (outer 1/3)
MAC Smut -Suedette 6 (Holiday 2006 Palette) (outer crease)

MAC Chestnut lipliner
MAC Be-in lipglass


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