calling all experts. i've got a prom dilemma!


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I'm doing my best friends makeup for prom. I've never done prom makeup before but I thought I'd give it a try, so I'm really excited.

She's fair, blue eyes, blonde hair. I haven't seen her dress yet but she did tell me that it's red. Her accessories will be silver but limited because her dress is a bit flashy.

Normally for myself, this wouldn't be a problem. But seeing as I'm brown eyes and dark hair, things look differently on me. I want to put a few looks together that'll work for best for her. We'll also be doing a few test sittings as well.

1. Color suggestions that will work best? I know that so far the lips will be kept neutral and absolutely no red eyeshadow (lol).

2. Creasing. I'm willing to go out and buy a new base if it'll keep her makeup looking great the entire night. I've been looking into MAC paint pots. Opinions?

3. Any tips for doing another persons makeup? This one is what I'm most nervous about. I have no problem applying makeup on myself but when it comes to doing another person, it's tricky. (Good thing we're doing test sittings!) Are there any tips as far as hand placement goes and angles to work from? I want her to be comfortable but I also need to make sure I can apply the makeup efficiently.

Thanks so much guys, I know this post is kind of long.


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I think just a simple gray/black smoky eyes with nude lips and pink cheeks will really look good with her red dress.
and gray/black smoky eyes really bring out the color of blue eyes.

something like this:


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Wow MacAtFirstSight, that is really pretty. Do you remember the colors used in this one?

And to the point, I wore a red dress to a party and i'm the same coloring. What worked best on me was a gray smokey eye. I love Pandemonium e/s for this one and something like melt in your mouth c/g with patisserie l/s.


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2. As for paint pots, they are amazing! The only time I have heard of them really creasing on anyone is if that person has terribly oily eyelids.


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Thank you for the replies!
Smokey eye sounds like the best bet. I'll be playing around with it today so hopefully it turns out nicely.

I might stop by MAC later and pick up a paintpot.


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I highly suggest Urban Decay Primer Potion even under paint pots. Paint pots still crease on me sometimes and my lids arent that oily, but UDPP never fails me. Plus its really versatile and can be worn with anything since its clear.

For the lips, I say go with Bare slimshine and Love nectar lipglass. Those are the safe choices for lips that work so well for everyone. I also like the idea of a grey/black smokey eyes as posted above. I think it'll look fabulous!!

As for applying makeup on others, the biggest challenge (at least for me) is applying the liner! Sometimes i do the liner first, so just in case i mess up, or its uneven etc. i cans till clean it up, then i do the shadows and go over the liner again. I hope this helps you, and please post some pics after, I'm excited to see!


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There are two looks that come to my mind
1: paradisco e/s with a brown e/s in crease, sunbasque blush and vgv l/s and bronzer
2. taupe/bronze/gold smokey eye peachypink blush and a pinky nude lip

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