Can redheads wear orange lips?


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I really want to try Beta, but I'm afraid it might look weird with my hair. Everybody I've mentioned wanting to try Beta to says something about me having red hair and how it might not look "right". I love Anime and Harlot (two of the brightest OCC colors, in my opinion) and wear them often. I was excited about trying Beta but now I'm having second thoughts. Would I look completely ridiculous in bright orange lips?

This is the color I want to try:

Source: The Makeup Snob
You can see her full review here:

Source: xSparkage
You can see the full review here:

And in case you don't know what I look like:

I had to mess with the contrast a bit because my camera sucks and my hair is usually much brighter when I first dye it. So I changed the contrast to show the brightness it usually is when my hair is freshly dyed.

This is the color of my hair as it's fading:

So would Beta look bad with my hair/skin? Thank you so much in advance!

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