Can't believe it....totally devastated!!!

Girl about town

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Well went for my scan at 16 weeks and turns out my baby died at 10 weeks, have had no bleeding at all so have had a missed miscarriage, i need to go into hospital now for D&C on tuesday. I thought it hurt miscarrying last time at 6 weeks but this hurts beyond belief i can't ever see me being happy again.

I would like to tell whoever makes things like this happen that i fucking hate you!!!! god or whoever!! Why me?

Totally terrified for the future and what this means, they said they will run tests on me and see what the problem is because i already have a live child and i had seen my babies heartbeat and then i miscarried.


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I am so sorry for your loss.

But please do not curse god or whoever. I not all that religious myself, but I know, if you ask for strength in this hard time, you will find it.


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I'm so very sorry! I have no words, I wish I knew something that would help, but my thoughts are with you.


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i read this and immediately felt for you...the same thing happened to me 3 weeks ago and it was heartbreaking, especially because at least 8 of my friends/coworkers are pregnant. i had a tiny pink spot of blood (literally miniscule but i was paranoid) and went to emerg and they gave me an ultrasound and told me the baby died at 7 weeks (i was 10 weeks along), and it was also a missed miscarriage. i had also seen the heartbeat at 6 weeks, so it was a complete shock...although i had wondered why my morning sickness disappeared. everyone told me that was normal though. my dr discussed with me the option of waiting for it to pass naturally, or taking medication to speed things up...she didn't agree with a d&c unless nothing else worked.

i ended up taking misoprostal (4 pills vaginally) which causes the uterus to contract and expel, and it didn't work the first time so i had to repeat it 2 days later. waiting is the worst part and i was an emotional, angry mess.

if you need to talk, feel free to message me. i know the feeling of blaming yourself and everyone else and wondering, why's hard and i still feel empty. everyone says it gets better but it just takes a very long time. try to stay strong and realize you aren't alone.


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i am soooo truely sorry for your loss. and if you want to be mad and curse god or whoever, you go right ahead. i know the feeling of frustration and devastation. i would hate it when people would tell me to cheer up, itll get better. i had one friend who said 'if you need to be mad, then be mad and if your heart runs out of hope, mine is full and you can have as much as you need". it gave me peace. so yes, scream , cry, punch your pillow, let it out and take all the time you need. hugs to you and your hubby!


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I'm so very sorry
You know you can message me anytime

Girl about town

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Thank you just so angry right now, was meant to get scanned at 12 weeks but they couldn't fit me in so had to wait till 16 weeks to find out it had been dead for 5 weeks. I know nothing would have stopped it happeneing but really thought because i had a miscarriage the month before i conceived that the statistics would be on my side this time!!! sighhhhh!!!! put so much emotions into thsi pregnancy and now its all over!!!

Well actually not quite over as i need to walk about with my dead baby inside me until tuesday!!!

ms. kendra

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I'm terribly sorry this happened to you.
I lost a baby boy at 18 weeks a while back and was devastated and depressed for months. You have my deepest sympathy. ((HUG))


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So sorry for your loss....and this is so terrible for you....I am a religious person and I truly don't believe God is a punishing or cruel God....But I am sure things happen for a reason...we just never can quite figure out at the time what those reasons are because they seem so terrible ....I truly hope you are okay


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My condolenses to you and your family.. it is so hard to go through this... i have 2 friends who this recently happend to... like someone said me mad cry scream and let it all out.. dont keep your emotions bottled inside.. i also believe everything happens for a reason..... Once again im truely sorry for your loss


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I'm so sorry for your loss and the pain your going through. Feel whatever you need to feel, thats the only way people can actually get through hard times like this. Let it all out and grieve in the way the's best for you, not for anyone else. I don't know you but once read this I connected with the pain and like many others have said feel free to message me if you need to talk, vent, whatever. There are many different stages of feelings you going to go through as you thoughts are with you.


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I am deeply sorry for your loss. I know I cannot possibly know what it is like...I can only imagine.

God is not cruel.

I do hope you will be strong enough to carry on through this until the day you will be happy again. I know that if you dont give up that day will indeed come. Until then, grieve as much as you need to.


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I am really sorry!
I wish there are lots of people around you who are there for you now. Take care!


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I'm so sorry for your loss. You will feel happy again, you just need time to grieve. I am sure that you have a lot of friends and family to help you through this hard time! :hugs:

glassy girl

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Sooo sorry hun. I was 20 weeks back in may and on mothers day i lost my baby boy i know exactlly how u feel but i feel the only 1 who got me tru was GOD. Im gona pray 4 u it will get better i promise! There is alot of us women who been tru this ur not alone. HUGS!!!


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oh no
I am so sorry.. remember it's ok to feel sad, just don't stay sad forever.

sending lots of hugs and prayers your way.
My heart goes out to you ~ I am so sorry about your loss...

The same thing happened to me about 12 years ago. I was pregnant with my third child, and it seemed like everything was going great. My husband and I were ecstatically happy. Then, when I was 11 weeks along, I hadn't gained any weight and the doctor couldn't get a heart beat so they sent me for another blood test. The pregnancy hormone reading on this test was lower than on my original pregnancy blood test. The doctor told me not to be alarmed and he booked an ultrasound for me the following day. I was so completely devestated when the doctor who performed the ultra sound told me that my baby had passed away at 6 weeks gestation... I felt like a part of me had passed away with the baby.

I convinced myself that the doctor had to be wrong and that my baby and I were fine. I figured that if I hadn't miscarried, I couldn't have lost the baby. I even tried to talk the doctor out of a D&C. He couldn't explain why I hadn't miscarried, but he said sometimes the fetus stays in the womb even after it passes away. I felt so lost and alone even though there were people all around me... The doctor insisted on a D&C and I had it 3 days later... walking out of the hospital with empty arms is a heartbreaking memory that still haunts me to this day... I still feel like someone is missing at the dinner table every night...

My heart, prayers and thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time. ((((((((((hugs))))))))

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