Car crash of the day....


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I crashed my car today.

Well, actually, someone else crashed into my car today

I was sitting at the petrol (gas in US language) station waiting for a pump to become free. I'd got the engine running as it was cold but wasn't moving and had the handbrake on (it's a manual/stick shift rather than an automatic).

Suddenly I felt a jolt which was accompanied by a strange crunching noise coming from behind me.

I got out to see what had happened and two guys in their thirties were examining the damage. I'm not sure how the driver managed it, but he hit my rear corner with his tail light and that had shattered all over the ground. It would be an expensive repair, probably several hundred pounds as it was a very new Honda Accord saloon.

No damage at all to mine
Then again, it is rather built like a tank;


I suspect he'll be a bit more careful what he runs into next time! Both guys were very apologetic


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When I read the first line I was shocked and worried for you I thought you had been hurt, geez people ought to be more careful these days, thank god your baby is built like a tank.... too bad for him though!


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The Land Rover's fine
Quite a few people have run into it over the years - and all have come off worse!

The most important thing is that nobody was hurt.


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Originally Posted by caffn8me
...petrol (gas in US language) ...

thats funny. "US language" lol
Thats good ur car is ok. Accidents suck.


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It's good nothing really bad happened. Weren't you shocked even for a few seconds?
I had one car crash, it was really nothing, but something about the noise and the collision, i don't know, i was shaking for a while...


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I'm glad you are OK. Sorry about your car, though.

I have to say OH. MY. GOD. to your vehicle choice. DH and I are Rover junkies. The Defender is next on our list.

I want your car. Please send to me now. Pleeeeeease.

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