Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Longwear Brow Pencil


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Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables™ Collection is known for their waterproof blushes, bronzers, eye pencils, eye shadow sticks, brow pencils, lip pencils, liquid lipsticks, waterproof mascara top coat and the newest addition, the Swimmables™ Longwear Liquid Foundation.

Shaping your brows to perfection is key to framing the face but locking that look in place during sweltering heat can be tough.

Enter the Swimmables™ Longwear Brow Pencil from Cargo Cosmetics!

The special blend of natural waxes hold hair in place and dry to a waterproof powder finish for full-looking, long-lasting brows. Cargo’s legendary Swimmables™ formula locks into place for a budge-proof finish — it only comes off when you take it off!

The slanted tip of the brow pencil makes for easy application in achieving your perfect arch. The dual-ended pencil features a spoolie brush to comb through product and brows for a natural look.

PRICE: $20
AVAILABILITY:, select Kohl's Departments Stores and
SHADES: Light, Medium and Dark


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