Central Valley, NY CCO (Woodbury Common Premium Outlets)


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i went there yesterday......just wanted to inform anyone in the area - they dont have too much mac stuff...unfortunately.....but items of some interest:

kitchmas, deckchair and provence pigment. Hundred degrees pearlizer!

few lipglasses....some brushes....nail polish, blushcreme, etc.

im pissed i didnt grab a backup deckchair


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actually - I just went there today and they had some awesome stuff. They had a bunch of palettes - Tailormade, 205 holiday and others, a bunch of Say Yeah! eyeshadow's, Catherine Deneuve Beauty Powder, loads of Belle Azure eyeshadow, pearlizers. I even found an Isabella Blow lipstick there!


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anyone know how much the eyeshadows are there? i live in poughkeepsie and i'm debating if i should make the trip there.


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Originally Posted by eco
anyone know how much the eyeshadows are there? i live in poughkeepsie and i'm debating if i should make the trip there.

im almost positive the eyeshadows are 9.50 plus tax. all the cco shadows are the same price....it might be in the FAQ's.


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my coworker went there today and bought provence, dark soul and the pearlizer ever opal.

Chic 2k6

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im from the UK so when i went to NYC for a holiday week before xmas, i grabbed a chance to go to a CCO.

Woodbury Common had in stock:

Tonnes of Shimmer Souffle thingys
the mouse lip TLC
Pink TLC (sorry dnt know the name think its Summerfete oops)
Different shades of Nail varnish
Teal MU cases (bought one, so purdy)
Zazoom l/g
Pink Meringue l/g
Fresco l/s
all the e/s from Lure
a purple pearlizer
Large brown MAC Bag
Patternmaker Brush set
Maidenchant Blushcreme
coupla other blushcreme
Manicure Wipes
Already Fab! chromeglasses (looks like there's a fair few)
lots of lippies and lipglasses
a large blusher brush
few other brushes

there were some more MAC, but i was kinda disappointed cos i was expecting like lots of MAC
sorry if im not totally detailed, been almost 2 weeks and a fair few bacardi breezers lol

i hope it helps anyone who plans to go there soon.

the teal MU bag was at $13.50 how much is it normally?


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Central Valley, NY (Woodbury Common Premium Outlets)

Has anyone been to this CCO lately?? I'm hoping to make a trip there very soon, so what kind of things have you guys found there? Thank you!!


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Ladies, I went there yesterday and they had a ton of mac stuff including:

Lustreglass set, holiday 2006 warm and cool lips, Piggies in Dazzleray, Kitschmas, Pastorale, Aire De Blue. Glissade msf, liquidlast liner set, springtime skipper and whistle e/s, tons of lippies, tons of liquidlasts and fluidlines, blushes, blushcremes, and the list goes on and on. If you haven't gone and you live close enough, definitely go! You won't regret it!


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thanks so much for your post! i live by albany & its a 2 hr trip but im so there on wednesday! (my next day off *sniff*) i hope they have stuff left, woo!


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Originally Posted by candynipples
thanks so much for your post! i live by albany & its a 2 hr trip but im so there on wednesday! (my next day off *sniff*) i hope they have stuff left, woo!

Hey I was wondering if you were able to go and if so, what kind of stuff did they have in stock?


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So I ended up going on Friday and they had:

Various foundations
Beauty Powders
Glissade MSF
Brush sets - Patternmaker and a Holiday set
about 15 lipglasses
about 10 lipsticks
pigments - jardin aires, kitschmas, aire-de-blu, and a few others
Liquidlast set - blue herizon, powerplum, point black
Blushes - cream and powder, about 10 colors total
Various liquidlast liners

Plum Dressing
Jewel Blue
Expensive pink
Right of spring
about 5 other colors I can' t remember

Take Wing Quad

There wasn't too much to choose from but I did like the eyeshadow selection that they had.


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i feel like i was the last person on earth to know they sold mac at this CCO!!
anyways i was just there on tuesday and 130$ went quick!
they had various foundations and powders but mostly for darker complexions like 55s
mixing medium
spf lotion stuff
liquidlast trio set
aire de bleu
dark soul ( i regret not getting this one!)
violet and others

cool and warm lippie holiday sets
clear lipglass
10-20 lipglasses, chromeglass, lipsticks
but the colors were so/so

not too many good brushes but i did buy a clinique foundation brush for 20$

some nailpolishes $7
eyeshadows 10$
knight divine etc

fluidlines they were all pretty blueish ones
a good amount of blushes and creme color bases
but the color range seemed kinda muted. very nudey colors.

they didnt have a whole deal but not a bad collection to check out. i definitely want to go back!

they have a good amount of clinique stuff ranging from makeup to skincare products.

origins skincare products

and bobbi brown makeup. they have that gel eyeliner set thing for 60$ish which was 80$ish at nordies. so they have some good deals to check out

if anybody else goes there soon post and tell us what they have!!!


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Anyone been there recently.. what do they have? Any BB shimmer bricks/ clinique fresh bloom stuff? Will be going there this weekend.. so excited!


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has anyone been lately? come on.....i'm sure someone's been for some xmas shopping!

on another note, how much are coach purses at the outlets? this one, or any other? if they aren't too pricey maybe i'll get a real one instead of a knockoff....


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I was really, really interested if anyone had been recently. I'm probably giving up the only day I have free during my finals week to go and see if there is anything good. (I'd just love to know before hand, because I'll spend too much if I go and the CCO leaves me disappointed with all the other shops there)


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I was actually there on 12/12 and they had a decent selection:

Barbie - Springtime Skipper, Whistle, Mothbrown, some Rust-ish brown color, a pink one
Moonbathe - Cranberry, Claire de Lune (no Firespot unfortunately)
Some purple shadows
several other colors, about 15-20 total

about 7-8 pigments - I didn't really look at those

3 or so CCB

lots of blush - about 12-15 including Barbie ones

Gold Spill

some blot powders

Old Holidays lip sets and shadow sets

188 brush

The MAC scents - not sure of the names

about 15-20 lipsticks and lipglasses

If you get to go, please post an update on what they have!


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I went today!
They had all the Barbie shadows except Playful and I'm not positive they had Magic Dust
BLM Fab blush and Happening Gal l/g
Moonbathe Shadows INCLUDING FIRESPOT!!!
Like 7 pigments ummm...Fairylite, Pastorale, Golden Olive, Aire-de-Blue, and Apricot Pink (I think I might've gotten the only one though...)
MSF Naturals
Hightlight Powders in Mellow Rave and Hullabaloo
188 and 184 (I'm pretty sure it was the 184 brush)
Lure shadows Waternymph, Aquavert, and Mancatcher
Some C-Shock shadows
Concealor Palettes
Softsparkle Pencils
Glitterliners (no peacocky =( )
Take Wing quad
Like 10 nail polishes, including that one people like from Sweetie Cake...Blue Sprinkle or something?
Novel Twist Pearlizers
Powder and Creme Blushes

Sorry if I forgot anything! (Which I'm sure I did lol)


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So, I went today. I have to say, worth the trouble I had getting there, so not worth the drama I had to deal with coming home. (But, we won't go into that)

Dani's list seems to be mostly right. They had all of the C-shocks except for Going Bananas. And, I may have gotten the last Fab and Flashy that they had on display.
The only MSF naturals that they had were Light and Deep Dark, which was a little bit of a downer. I live for my Medium.
They had three of the glimmer shimmers,
Two paints, Artjam and something else. A light shade. My brain sucks thanks to today's trauma.
The Matt Murphy for Mac case, which I LOVE. I am so glad I picked it up.
Four glitterliners, 10 nail polishes, about 5 CCBS.


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Has any been to the CCO @ Woodbury Commons in the past couple of days and can give me an idea of what's available right now? TIA.

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