Chanel Exceptionnel mascara


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I did! I did! This is the mascara of my dreams. It grabs every hair and coats it for false looking lashes. I was fortunate enough to receive a sample from allure, and I am hooked!


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i have a sample.. it's okay but i'm not in love with it.. I look for a mascara that adds volume. my lashes but not thick.. For my needs, I prefer YSL Faux Cils.

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I love it! I got two samples and have been using it since last month. It holds the curls very well, lengthens and also volumises my lashes. I curl my lashes with shu uemura curler before using Exceptionnel. The brush is huge and once you get use to it, it works like a dream. However, the formula is very thick and leads to clumping easily. Better to remove excess from the brush with tissue first. Compared to Inimitable, which does nothing to my lashes, I'm pleasantly surprised by Exceptionnel!


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I have read pretty bad reviews on this mascara on MUA, and am surprised by that. I tried it for the first time yesterday and really like it alot so far!


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I am absolutely loving this one. It's the first navy blue mascara I've found that doesn't look blue on the lash line but actually brings out my blue eyes. I found another one called 100% pure that I'll discuss in another thread..


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Favorite of all time. Got the sample from Allure and then had to buy it. Only mascara that doesn't smudge and comes off easily enough, but not too easy, doesn't flake and gives me long lush lashes. LOVE IT!

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