Chanel Le Blanc Makeup Base SPF 30


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USA will finally be getting the Le Blanc Base that's been Asia-exclusive for some time!

It's a little different - SPF 30 instead of 35. One shade instead of four (I think it's Rosee)

But the rest is the same ~
-A nourishing & illuminating makeup base for dull-toned skin
-Contains Pure White Mineral Ceramic Pigments to balance the complexion
-Blended with Pearlescent Pigments to brighten the shadow areas
-Loaded with Licorice Extract that works on melanin production to reduce dark spot
-Shields skin from harmful UV rays with SPF30
-Use before applying foundation
-Creates an even, brightened complexion

Believe it's going to be $55

I can finally say bye to Hourglass Veil. The higher SPF does it for me!


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This is available on

Received mine this morning.
It is indeed the 10 Rosee shade.

The ingredients are different (but similar) to the Asia-release.
It uses Ensulizole (2.7%), Octinoxate (3%), and Titanium dioxide (9.2%) for its SPF.


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recently i purchased le blanc base to wear underneath vitalumiere aqua and i do not know even know where to begin how awful this base is. thick hard to blend, leaves white layer on skin (even though i am very pale), just feels like old schol spf product... and the bottle is so leaky, i had product all around the pump even though it was straight up on my table. it is so going back

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