Chucking your mascara after 3 months


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I also go by when it gets dry and doesn't perform as well rather than how long I've had it. I've found my holy grail mascara so I don't switch between several different mascaras therefore it's usually used up by the 6 month recommend time span any way. If I've been having problems with my eyes though I will throw the mascara out at that point.


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I don't follow the 3 month rule either =p I throw mascara away when they dry up, have never had a goopy/clumpy problem yet (in regards of timespan instead of brush).

So around 6-7 months.


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I feel like I throw mine out a couple times a year--do they ever really last longer than a few months, anyways? It seems like they start to suck after a few months, generally.

I've also never found an expensive mascara that really impressed me, so for $8 a pop, why bother with trying to "rejuvenate" an old tube of mascara at the risk of getting an eye infection? Might as well just buy a new one. But I suppose if I were paying more, I would be more stressed out about it...


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I only have 1 mascara and I use it everyday. I guess mine usually lasts for 4 months max. I'll throw it away when it's drying out or clumping.


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Blaghhg. Let's just say I've learned my lesson. Everybody's eye sensitivity is different I guess, so whatever works for you is probably fine, but from now I'm sticking to that 3 month rule! I bought a whole box of sample mascaras from Sephora - you know, their Lash Stash thing - and since I had so many I didn't need to throw them away. I found one that I liked in there a lot though, and even though it was only sample size the Buxom mascara lasted a waaaay long time... and then I felt like one of my eyes was getting infected. Fortunately it was just a stye which I think got aggravated by the not-so-clean-anymore mascara, but, still. yeah.

I tossed everything and bought L'Oreal Telescopic and decided I only really need drugstore mascara from now on since I'm only going to be using each for 3 months anyway.


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I replace my mascara every 4-6 weeks (yup weeks). I wear it everyday, so I am usually pretty close to out by the time 6 weeks rolls around. I also have super sensitive eyes and really don't want to push my luck with an eye infection.


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I don't keep track of how long I've had them, I throw them out when they start drying up or applying bad or if they smell different.


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vinegar? lol..

I am constantly rotating and throwing out mascara's -- they are really dangerous if they get infected and any bacteria or virus lives very happily in the tube.


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I don't have many mascara so I finish then before 3 month so I can't really answer. But I think I have one since 5 month and I still keep it. But If I still have it in 3 month I will chuck it. I can't keep it more than one years, I know it's already too much


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I have yet to buy a mascara that turned bad. Maybe I just finish them before they have a chance to turn bad
Anyway, I rarely throw out mascara since it rarely happens to me that I buy a mascara I don't like since I'm buying stuff I already had at some point and loved. New mascara I want to check out I firstly do a thorow check up here or on MUA and it usually is a good way to buy exactly what I want in a mascara. The ones I don't like, I pass to my best friend/roomate that's not picky about makeup at all and just grabs first thing she can find


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I go by the application of the formula... which is usually dependent on how often I wore makeup those past days. I usually toss out every 4-6 months.


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i have a label maker, so when i open them, i make a label of the opening date and stick it on the tube.. i probably toss them after 6-10 weeks, they seem to loose their "effectiveness" after that time (clumping, sticky, etc.) even before they;re expired