Classy Vamp EOTN.


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Hey dolls. I decided to play around with my version of a "vamp" look. I felt so hot with this m/u! I still cannot get the colors to show on my camera, so you don't really get the "glowy" effect it had IRL. But, I hope you enjoy otherwise.


Face: Cargo Oil Free Foundation, MAC e/s in Crystal Avalanche, some random brown Revlon e/s, and Stila PP in Fair.

Eyes: MAC e/s in Crystal Avalanche and in Signed, Sealed, and Rimmel Mascara.

Lips: MAC e/s in Signed, Sealed and UD l/g in Ozone.

Enjoy, comments are so welcome!


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Thanks for all the kind words ladies! It made my day thismuch better.

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