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For all of the Clinique ladies and gents out there Clinique will be having the gifts with purchase now. Dillards just finished theirs this past week. Macy*s is next will the following gift

Macy*s Oct 6, 2009 w/ a $21.50 purchase
1. Cometic bag in either red or green apples
2. Companion Bag shaped like an apple
3. Clinique Color pallet (2 e/s and a blush)
4. Lash doubling mascara in black
5. L/s in Spiced Apple
6. 7 day scrub
7. Dramatically different moisturizing lotion

Nordstrom Nov 4, 2009 w/ a $25 purchase
Tina Turk Collection
1. Cometic Bag designed by Tina Turk
2. Mascara
3. Pink Chocolate e/s (not 100% sure on the names)
4. Pink Chocolate l/s (not 100% sure on the names)
5. 3 brush set
6. Cupid Blush

Bloomingdales Nov 18, 2009 w/ $25 purchase
Milly Collection

1. 7-day Scrub
2. Even Better Skin Tone Corrector
3. Blushwear Cream Stick in Rosy Blush
4. Eye Shadow Duo in Pink Slate
5. Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Tenderheart
6. Lipstick in Blushing Nude
7. Lash Doubling Mascara in Black.
8. Cometic Bag

So far that the info I have so far. If I get any other info I will add to this tread. All the holiday kits are coming into the department stores as we speak and they have some really good deals.


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Clinique Gift at our Macy's doesn't start until the 6th, maybe some are different. But we have the apple bags as well, and they're too cute


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Yeah I work for Clinique at Macy's, it kind of starts on the 6th since our pre-sell customers pick up their gift that day since it rings through but depending on the store they'll go ahead and start giving it out, but it does for sure on the 7th. The color palette is Butter Pecan eyeshadow duo w/ Sunset Glow blush. Macy's is one of the first stores to have holiday stock and we will be the first to get the Holiday trend!


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^ what other holiday gift sets do they have I looked quickly. But I know they are really great deals. I saw the all about eyes with the eyeshadow, the turn around concentrate and the 3 step kit.


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woo i'm gonna go to macy's and get the clarifying lotion and something else to get the gwp!
i've been using the lotion for over 6 years now.


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We have:
-Even Better gift set *Macy's exclusive*(Full size Even Better, deluxe sampe sizes of all about eyes rich and city block 25)
-Youth Surge gift set (Full size Youth Surge for Normal to Dry skin, deluxe sample sizes of even better and all about eyes rich)
-3 step skin care sets for skin types 2 or 3 (but technically also skin type 1 and 4)
-All About eyes (6 eyeshadow palette, double ended mascara, sample lipgloss, full size all about eyes, and cant remember the other thing!)
-Turnaround gift set (full size Turnaround Concentrate, deluxe samples of Turnaround Instant Facial, and Body Smoothing cream)
-Clinique Happy gift sets
-Lipgloss set (4 deluxe sizes of lip gloss I think it's Fireberry, Air Kiss, Juicy Apple, and Whisper?)

And I think I have them all, at least that's what we have at the moment and I recited this all by memory so in the color gift sets bare with me since I can't exactly remember what shades were in them!


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Nordies will pretty much have the same ones as we do but they may have a couple of exclusive ones, if I swing by my nordies I'll ask one of my girls there and see what they got!

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