Clip in extensions and short hair?


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I shaved my head months ago and am now growing it out. It's kinda a pixie cut now, hard to explain well but my fringe goes past my eyes and the back section of hair goes to just above my shoulder. It's all the same length but looks sort of layered because I haven't done anything to it since I shaved it.

I'm so sick of it! It got old after 10 minutes and I miss my long hair so much!

My hair is fine so even though it's not blunt and the same length (well it technically is but it looks layered), the layers kinda blend in.

I want to try out clip ins, but I guess I don't want it to be *too* obvious.

Any advice? I was thinking maybe try out some layered ones and that they'd blend it better?

Anyone else with quite short hair tried the clip-ins?

Thanks guys


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I have the same cut as u and i use the jessica simpson, ken paves clip ins i have them in 22 in relaxed curl and 22 in wavy they look natural and nice.


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You can get clip ins and bring them to your stylist to have them layer them to make them blend really well with your hair.

That would be your best bet!


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my hair is newly short - not exactly my choice but they had to cut it in a bob to fix up a botched hair cut
i have the jessica simpson clip ins, my stylist cut it with my cut and it looks great! stays in well, too.