cold season!


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Anyone else have a really bad cold bug going around their area? Seems that everyone in my office is getting sick including me. Unfortunately its that time of here is a tip I got from a doctor (I work in the healthcare industry)...

We all know that cough drops and orange juice and water are all good this time of year, but, if a cold bug starts going around your office or home or whatever...

Airborne - this is a homeopathic remedy that you can buy at any drugstore. You drop it in a little water, it fizzes and disolves...drink it up. This stuff is packed with TONS of vitamins and minerals. If you take this when the people around you are getting sick, you'll have a better chance of missing the illness.

ZINC LOZENGES - If you do happen to get a cold bug, buy a package of these, they are about $5, you disolve them in your mouth like a cough drop. They are kinda chalky but the zinc boosts your immune system and can help you get healthy in half the time.

Everyone have a healthy fall and winter!

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just bad allergies.i was informed today that the austin area is the worst in the country for allergies.

i hate this place!

Professor Fate

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Originally Posted by I<3URMOM
I'll be taking my usual $50 worth of vitamens to ensure that my liver implodes.



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Pff it's all good as long as I keep up the water intake.

Besides, I'd be more worried about kidney failure from the creatine.

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