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Welcome! (US only) Prices are listed without shipping. Shipping price starts at $4 for small items and goes up based on number of items purchased or weight/size of items. Paypal only. Message me with your Paypal information for the invoice.

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MAC Exposed (swatched 1x) $10
MAC Body Conscious (swatched 1x) $10
MAC Deep Cravings (swatched 1x) $10
MAC Brazenly (swatched 1x) $10
MAC Palace Pedigreed (swatched 1x) $10
MAC Sex & The Oyster (swatched 1x) $10
MAC Deep Fixation (swatched 1x) $10
MAC Divine Decadence (swatched 1x) $10
MAC Eat, Love (swatched 1x) $10
MAC Crimson Tryst (swatched 1x) $10

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MAC Indigo-Blend Studio Sculpt Shade and Line $10
MAC Pink Pepper Pressed Pigment (swatched 1x)$15
MAC Damson Pressed Pigment (swatched 1x) $15
MAC Deeply Dashing Pressed Pigment (swatched 1x) $15

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NARS Rotonde $13
NARS Boys Don't Cry $13

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MAC Vintage Grape $13
MAC Flirt and Tease $9
MAC Shape the Future $13
MAC Perfectly Poised $13

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BNIB MAC Red Balloon $13
BNIB MAC Toying Around $13
BNIB MAC Strong Woman $13
MAC Violetta $12
MAC Kelly Yum-Yum $12
MAC Pleasure Bomb $12
MAC Feel My Pulse $12
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