Concord Mills, NC CCO (Concord Mills)


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Waternymph, Mancatcher, Aquavert e/s
Bait, Sex Ray, Pink Clash l/g

Pink Resort, After Tan and Sun UNder l/c

Golden bronzer

Lightful Essence, Lightful moisterizer

try-on packs

45 and 100 pack makeup remover wipes

Cool eyes palette, lip gloss set-both warm and cool, lip trio with bag-red, pink, tan
brush sets- face and eyes

Morange L/s

Couture, House of Style, Influential l/s

crimsonaire, gracious me

ola viola ( and others)

purple shower, overgrown, iris print

softwash grey, apricot, pinked mauve, night light

Tailor Made
one eye palette, two lip palette and the green brush set


sweet william, pink swoon, cheeky

take wing, sweetie cake

gray traincase,
silver case
black alligator case with pink interior and bottle, eyelash curler, tweezer and sponge

There's more, but that's what sticks in my head.


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i went to this one on monday june 16. things i remember seeing:
both fafi blushes
moonbathe cranberry e/s, moonbathe bronzer compacts
shimmersand and penny shadesticks, a few others
holiday 07 e/s and lip pallettes
single e/s: beautiful iris,typographic,knight divine,sumptous olive,several others
paintpots: bare study,indianwood,painterly,several others

lots of lippies, studio fix liquid and compact,every type of concealer


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ahhhhh i guess im the only one down this way! but, i had an unplanned trip back to this CCO today (YAY!)

they had at least 15 boxes of SOLAR BITS ($13.75) in 'sunpower' today
about five shades of mineralize eyeshadow duos ($11.75)
they have about 20 shades of individual e/s
mattenes and slimshines,20 lipsticks and 20 lipglass
stylistics lipsticks and highlight powders
they also have the old sweetie cakes e/s quad

anyway, from my experience with CCO's, i can say from my two trips there now that this one is well stocked with MAC

my haul from here today included:
pandimonium e/s quad
single e/s pots: antiqued,rose blanc,gorgeous gold (i had one more but the sales lady this time told me they limit 3 of any one item....fine, whatev)
greenstroke paint pot
bare slimshine
mineralize eyeshadow duos in: engaging,earthly riches,family silver
and solarbits in sunpower


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You aren't the only one! I go to college in Charlotte and can't wait to move back in August...I love this CCO!


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You aren't the only one! I go to college in Charlotte and can't wait to move back in August...I love this CCO!


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Originally Posted by carrieann07
You aren't the only one! I go to college in Charlotte and can't wait to move back in August...I love this CCO!

oh yay! i'll be up there again this weekend (aug. 2) to take my kids back-to-school shopping with the tax free weekend, so i'll be stopping back by this CCO to see what's new


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yesterday i picked up emote blush (they had at least 10 more of them on the shelf), i got a mattene lip (rubenesque). there wasnt anything new in there to wow about.

they keep all the mac brushes at the checkout counter, they had a lot including the 180 brush.


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Ran by there yesterday after work - apparently 6:15 on Wednesday is a fine time to shop as I was the only one in there other than the 2 girls working (who were nice and helpful). I got MES Earthly Riches (they also had Family Silver and one other) and a brush set (the set in the black rectangular case, with black handles on the brushes), since I only have one MAC brush. They had many of the Sweetie Cakes quad, and I've kind of regretted not getting it, but I really shouldn't have spent as much as I did! I'll probably go back within the next couple weeks.

I saw quite a few lipglasses including one Heatherette (the orangey one?) and Fafi (and a couple others I think were LE, but didn't have special packaging to make them easy to ID), some blushes, lots of foundations... I should have paid better attention. I saw some of the glosses that came in pots and had the patterns swirled on top. They had a few eyeshadows but most of them were purples, blues and darks which I'm already overloaded on. I saw a small number of eye pencils and some glitter liners, some lipsticks. They had a few full-size brushes of various kinds, but they mostly seemed to be not the more basic ones to me. Next time I'll stay longer and look through more carefully.

I'm pretty new, so I also really suck at remembering names of collections I wasn't around for and ID'ing LE's! Sorry!

I live on the other side of Charlotte, so I kind of wish it was closer, but then again if it was any closer I'd probably be over there CONSTANTLY and be even more broke than I already am!


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i think the sweetie cakes quads will still be there when you come back, they've been there for a while now...i always look at them, and then put it back because i'd never wear it, but its so pretty!


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i went there today. things i remember:

fafi eyes 2 e/s quad. the hot pink lipglass from fafi. three shades of fafi lipsticks,the brownish blush from fafi. 2 shades of heatherette lipglasses, heatherette e/s trio 1. fafi powder brush in the fafi clear plastic packaging.

neosci fi single e/s in the two lightest shades (sorry forget names, just know colors mostly). other e/s singles: blanc type,handwritten,typographic,femme noir.

paint pots i remember: otherwordly,layin low...they had about 10 shades in all.

color forms powder compact. warm and cool color forms e/s palettes. travel e/s palettes. still have some solar bits. holiday 2007 silver handled brush sets. msf lightscapade,warmed. msf natural in medium.
lots of studio fix compacts.
that's all i remember now


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I went today
COC quads no spiced chocolate
heatherette trio with the blue
colorforms es palettes
single es from naughty nauticals, 1 neo scifi, poste haste and other mattes
about 8 paint pots
a couple blushes inc emote
SF and SFF most 35 and up
lots of skin care
the 188 and 180 brushes some full sized eye brushes also and sets

my dd started throw a tantrum and I wanted to get to Ikea before driving back to SC so I left but I know I missed some stuff


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visited today. they had color forms powders and several of three colors of the colorforms brush sets. they also had a patternmaker brush set...some other brush sets with just black bags.

heatherette e/s palettes, fafi e/s quads, cult of cherry shadowy lady and tempting quads

no paint pots

all of the tendertones

20 or so lipsticks...the few names i remember: up note, 1N...ugh, that's all i remember!

15 approx lipglass/plushglass...hothouse, cherry blossom, they still have lure lipglasses

fragrances: hue mv2,emeralde (well, the green one however it's spelled)

studio mist foundation in dark shades, studio fix powder in varied shades..about 5 shades there. studio fix fluid in only darker shades.

the only blushes were browns...several emote blushes left.

they still have that hullabuloo highlight powder (im sick of seeing it!)

little trios of 2 and a small eyeliner brush in a tiny bag.

green gel cleanser in old and new packaging (new packaging was only .25 more than the old packaging). charged waters and fix +

suite array e/s, about 4 different shades.

always a lot of e/s at this store. all of the starflash. about 3 mineral e/s including fresh green mix.

ok, that's all i can remember at the moment. i keep saying im going to go in with a notepad and take photos with my phone, but then you feel eyes on you!! i'll edit if i remember anything else

oh, and i'll be heading to myrtle beach cco's next week YaY!


I went today and they still had most of the tendertones, a lot of the starflash eyeshadows a couple quads. The palettes I can remember are Heatherette, CoC Tempting, Shadowy Lady, Holiday collection Devoted Poppy, Warm Eyes, and Smokey Eyes (which was sold out at Christmas at my mac counter so I was super excited to see it!), and a couple duos - i specifically remember Ocean. I also saw a few mineralize eyeshadows. There were only two fluidlines, one in the frosty white color, and all the sparkly eyeliner pencils (orpheus, raven, etc.)

The blushes were okay, but most were brown-ish. I remember emote, strada, and hipness. The foundation selection was very minimal, and normally they have a lot more there, and they had no studio finish concealer, but they did have some of the foundation sticks and one or two studio finish powders. They always seem to have at least 30-40 lipsticks/slimshines/glosses and today was about the same. They also had cleanser, strobecream, prep and prime in neutralize, fix +, and the fast response eye cream.

Brush-wise, they had a 188, a 129se, 180 and I think 181, a big fan brush, a 179, and 123. Then they had about a trillion of the brush sets in all different colors.

This store does have a pretty good origins selection and they always have a ton of gift sets. They also always have just about every clinique face product ever invented. I have noticed that they tend not to have as much clinique makeup, but today they had a lot of clinique foundations. I kind of breeze over the estee lauder, prescriptives and bobbi brown but the selection seemed pretty good and pretty standard. All in all, I wasn't super thrilled with the selections for MAC eyeshadows and eyeliners (what i normally shop there for) but the red holiday palettes are a very exciting find and I would've gotten the other two if I hadn't already gotten them at Christmas. Other than that though, if you've been there in last 3 months, you've seen the rest of the selection.


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I went there today these are the items i remember them having although there were plenty of other stuff like shadesticks, lipsticks and others.

there are quite a few shadows.
2 quads fafi and tempting.
3 lip holiday palettes.
brushes set holiday carmine face and eyes, fringe set, pattermaker, colour froms red, purple and green brush sets.
msf in warmed and 2 more.
fluidline set with macroviolet and blacktrack.
tons of tendertones.
dazzleglasses i remember comet the blue one and others.
4 holiday eyes palettes
blushes spaced out, xrocks, sweetness and others

Hope this helps if your going there soon. I was pleasently surprised with the selection.


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Still had pretty much all listed above.

A few shadows, all I can remember is
Lotusland, Dreamaker, Magnetic Fields, Henna, Knight, Knight Divine, Wookwinked, Da Bling, Bold & Brazen, Top Hat

Heatherette 1 Trio,
2 Dame Edna Lipsticks and 1 Lipgloss,
3 of the Holiday '08 Eyeshadow Palettes,
several lipsticks and glosses,
a couple brush sets

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