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Hi everyone..

As of recentely, I am *finally* starting to be able to do more freelance work. I did it briefly every once and a while but I never took it seriously. In the past year or so, I have realized it is my passion in life and something I'd like to continue doing.

I have used contracts on a few of my clients but after watching EnKores video on contrasts 1 & 2, I'm afraid mine might not be professional enough. I made my contracts from scratch using MS Word. It's very simple but it gets in everything that needs to be covered. I believe I have included all the important details to keep myself covered, etc.

I noticted that EnKore mentioned he did his with a lawyer. I was shocked! I'm so nervous now that mine looks unprofessional.

Can anyone give me any tips on how to make my contract look more professional? Or does anyone have any samples they'd like to share?



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well i used to work at a doctors office and the contracts they use cant be any more formal! lol! its just to the point and patient (this case client) just initials and it should go something like this. i changed things to refer to what we're talking about in this case services for make-up or whatever.

company name

client name


agreement- you say what your getting paid to do and when

description- this is more detailed info about your services for this specific client

due date-you add date when you'll give services and end date if its a couple of days gig.

payment- details about when exactly you will get paid before or after service etc.

fees- what you will charge if there is an excessive change in contract (like running out to buy a certain product , gas )

additional srvices- like if the client needs you to stay around for touch ups etc.

cancellation- what you will charge if client cancells if you want to charge at all.

expenses- client reimburse for extra expenses that they may want

copyright notice- that you want your name published with your work, like you want credit for your work if someone publishes it etc.

authorship credit- pretty much the same but this is giving you credit if say your work was used in a magazine etc.

arbitration- this is saying that if there is a disagreement that you will dispute it with the client first and try to resolve it before they , say, just take you to court or sue (?)

then its clients signature and date
and your signature and date

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