Cravings! Cravings!


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Ah...the weird wonderful world of cravings! Am curious to know all the quirky, interesting or regular cravings all specktralites had.
during my morning sickness the only thing that seemed to work was tart tastes. Hence I went thru the crazy lemon and raw mangos phase. yum... After the sickness left I was in love with barbecued meat, loads of chili, and raw tomatoes. Now I get the occasional urge for icecream(must be on a cone!) and pilau (a spiced rice dish). So what were your cravings?


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The cravings! Let's see...with my first baby, I craved ice and collared greens. It couldn't be just any ice. It had to be finely crushed ice, like the ic that they serve the drinks with from Sonic. My husband hated to hear me crunching. *L* The collards..just delicious. In fact, he has a birth mark that I swear looks like a plate of collard greens.

The second baby..I wanted McDonald's hamburgers with extra slivered onions and ketchup ALL the time. This might be why I've stopped eating McDonalds!

The third child...was fruit. I was pregnant with a woman at work and both of us where on this fruit kick. I don't know if pregnant women in close promixity begin to crave the same thing or what! *L* We would search the sales papers to see which place had the best sale on peaches, plums, strawberries, blackberries, etc.. Juicy, juicy fruit was the best...

The crazed cravings are part of the wonderful world of pregnancy. Enjoy!


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I've never had a baby but I had a weird craving yesterday... Randomly... I was starving at work and Cheesecake and bacon together sounded so good to me.

I didn't have any.


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I craved a lot of comfort food that I hadn't had in a long Shepard's Pie, Grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon, and CHICKEN....CHICKEN EVERYTHING! Also...those hot dog/sausage vendors that you see on street corners? Yeah...THAT. Probably the worst thing to eat too - since e.coli and samonella aren't things to mess with while pregnant.

I don't care for apple juice, but when I was pregnant I emptied a tin can 1.89L mixed half and half with water atleast twice a day! I went through that stuff like crazy!


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a friend of mine became bugs bunny during her pregnancy! It was carrots 24/7. She even cut them up into pieces and carried them around with her. Very funny!


When I was pregnant i craved ranch on everything. I had it on any kind of pasta, grilled cheese sandwiches, bread, hot cheetos. Anything you can think of i put ranch on it.

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