Custom Nail Polish Storage


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I am completely OCD about storing things and about my home in general so when I started building my nail polish collection I started designing some things to help me store it. This is what I liked the best and I had my brother in law build it for me. It works wonderfully and I am even going to have him build me two smaller ones just like it to store my higher end polishes on. Note: this is not my entire polish collection. But this is the storage I am using.
And don't mind the mess, I took this right after we moved into our new house and everything has been changed around, thank goodness. It was driving me crazy for things to be so out of place!
Thanks for looking :)

I am designing some more things for my makeup right now. I am excited about all of the new shelves. I will post pictures after Christmas to show you all!


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Wow - that looks really cool. Must be easy now to find a particular colour you're looking for. I'm ashamed to admit that I just stuff all my nail polish bottles into a box and cover it. *Hides*


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this is fantastic!! i'm hunting for the perfect nail polish storage... i may have my boyfriend help me with this project...


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Its very nice... but it would take up a lot of space for me. I too, have to admit to stuffing all my nailpolishes in a box.

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