daily glow moisturizers w/ sunless tanner in them.. like jergens,nivea,dove ect

Honey B. Fly

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will i basically get the same effect mixing a lil sunless tanner with my reg. body lotion? i just dont wanna stain my clothes at all, but i''d like to try one to give my skin a lil glow and even out its tone. id rather just make my own with the body lotion i use now cause i love it so much, but im not sure if it would be the same?



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I'm using the Nivea one right now, I really don't think it stains! Maybe try mixing the daily glow moisturizer with your body lotion? It might give you more of a subtle effect, but it will still work.

Just to be safe, I usually apply the moisturizer right after I put my face moisturizer/eye cream/serum on, wash my hands, and do my makeup while the lotion is drying on my body. That way when I do go to get dressed it will be dry already.


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i use the hawian tropic one. It doesnt stain but to be sure I do it at night and wear short shorts(lol) then I let it dry for like 3 minutes and its good. Then I wake up with bronze legs!

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