Dandelion Root Tea?

Honey B. Fly

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Does any1 drink this tea? It's suppose to detox ur liver I guess. How exactly does it do that haha? like do you pee out all the bad stuff or what? I don't wanna get sick from it but it sounds like something I'd like to try.

What will Organic Roasted Dandelion Root do for me?
Dandelion root tea has shown "choleretic" effects, which means that it can stimulate the liver to increase bile flow.* Once bile is released by the liver, its two main functions are to carry away waste and to break down fats during digestion.

How do I know it works?
Dandelion's beneficial effects on liver and biliary tract function have been proven in pharmacological studies.

When should I use it?
Drink one cup prepared with one to two tea bags, three times daily for up to 4-6 weeks.

How does it taste?
A pleasant roasted taste, sweet and slightly bitter.


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It's a diuretic, cleanses the blood, liver, etc.. The benefits of dandelion aren't so great when drinking the tea. You would have to drink a LOT of it to reap those benefits.

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