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Depoting/Replacing tutorial. =D


Okay... so this is my first time depoting ANYTHING ever and my first time doing a tutorial... I just wanted to do a tutorial so bad i was like what the hey, let's take the pictures and it actually came out smoothly since i already knew what i was doing because i was at mac today and they explained it to me clearly so yeah... =) Here it goes...

These are the things that you'll need, just simple things you can just dig up in your house.


This is my broken tilt that was from my pallete, i just came back from Colorado and i had to put all my makeup in luggage and stupid workers just throw the luggage around so my tilt broke. =( it's a good thing only ONE of my eye shadows broke though... =) This is what i will be putting in the pot after DEpoting my freshwater.


Ok... so just take your eyeshadow and kind of play with it to get the inside plastic out of the whole pot. It will loosen it...


Then just take your knife and put it in the crack if its already losen'd up. You may have to be a little rough with it...


After taking it out, it should loook like this seperated..


Light your candle...



Use tongs, scissors, or whatever to hold it on the sides and hold it over the flame of thee candle. Not directly ON the flame just on top... but not too close...


Keep it over the flame untill you can see the silver... from there you can hold it with your hands, it's just warm but the bottom is VERY HOT...


From there... start tapping the bottom where the silver is showing, start pushing a tad bit then just put the knife at the side crack and just pop it out...


You see on the bottom it has the melted glue, if you don't have a small magnet, the glue isn't bad to put in your pallete, just a little bit harder to take out if you want to...


I just put it in with the glue... Replacing of where my tilt used to be in my pallete.


Then i just put my tilt in the pot where my freshwater ( the eyeshadow i depoted ) in, so basically i just switched them... it should say, just a little wobbly...



And... here are the two!! Switched places, for the freakin' better. =)


That pot didn't close all the way because i burned a little too much off the side so i just wrapped plastic around it...


My poor handicaped tilt... =( it's okay now though you won't harm thee others. =)

SO HERE YA GO! it only took me about 5 minutes to do this, it's very easy... it took me longer to post up this tutorial than to actually do the depotting... it's okay though. hope you guys learned something. =)


Thank you for posting this tutorial. I'm getting ready to depot quite a few e/s and this will come in handy. I wasn't quite sure how to do it and was gonna try to freeze them out, but this looks so much easier. I just hope I don't have too many casualties!


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This is so easy! I love it. But am I going to be able to use the pots for B2M with them being melted?


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Funny thing, my Tilt broke too in my luggage.

Maybe the eyeshadow Tilt just does that haha

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