'Dewy' Look for Women of Colour?


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In the past few months, my anemia has kicked my butt (all my fault, actually) and has caused my skin to get lighter, along with that, my skin looks so dull!

Is there a foundation I can use that can help me have that healthy 'dewy' finish for now? I know, I know, take my pills, drink water, all that good stuff, but I want something temporary that I can use while I'm getting my health back together.

I'm quite embarrassed to be asking this, so any suggestion would be nice.


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you have to try the new satinfinsh foundation. Its like the old liquid hypereal fluid. You can also try adding some tan or bronzer cheapo eyeshadow to your moisturizer. wet and wild and jane make some good ones.


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Fix+ spray after application of MU gives ur skin a dewy look no matter what type of skintone u have

Strobe cream after application of MU apply to apples of ur cheek chin and forehead that also gives ur skin a dewy look, just make sure when u apply the strobe cream u want to pat it on ur skin.. instead of rubbing it on


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I love love love Studio Mist, it gives that dewey look, I also like Peachtwist blush, it helps give a little glow. Also you might want to get a sample of Hyper Real foundation that kicks butt too.

Good Luck, I pray you feel better soon!


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try using peach colours on your cheeks keep your lips lookign juicy nothing with too much color lip plushglass fullfilled would look nice....stay away from anything opaqe(sp is wrong mental block)....and the good old warm water and baby oil spray after lotioning your face...hope that helps


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I agree, Fix+ over any foundation gives me that dewy look. If you want a foundation though, I'd go with satinfinish, it has more coverage than studio mist, but I guess it depends on your skintype, good luck!


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The new satinfinish is amazing! Personally I wouldn't purchase it because the sample color morphed on me through out the day but man did it make my skin glow!


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Thanks everyone!

I used to use the Fix+ spray, so may try that again. I've been eyeing that Strobe Cream for a year now. I may have to pick that up!
Thanks again.

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