DIY Salt Spray


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Hi everyone!

I just tried this and I thought I'd share it with you. My hair is curly, and I never liked it, but I tried this and I have to say my curls are growing on me because of it.
I took a big spray bottle and filled it with spring water, then I put a TONNN of kosher salt in it. (sea salt would've been better but I don't have it). Then I added a little olive oil, shook it all up, and sprayed it all over my hair until it was a little damp, let it air dry, added a tinyyyy bit of curl cream, and BOOM.
Full sexy beach hair curls with no frizz and lots of shine

I just wanted to pass this along to all my curly haired friends (and any straight haired girls who want to try this too!)

Yeah I know they sell it in stores but this is much much cheaper, and I can't see the end results being too different. Tell me if you try it / like it!!


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Oooh! I'll have to pass this along to my mom - she's always looking for the perfect spray for beachy waves!


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I am trying this! I love the wave my hair has naturally but I hate the frizz! I am willing to try anything!! Thanks


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i LOVE LOVE salt spray on my wavy hair, but it is very drying, and i THINK it has faded my color. ugh. but it just makes my waves look soooo good!


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I'll try this... I have naturally wavy hair that is not quite wavy "enough" to let air dry and have it look good alone, but I have to work to get it straight.

Thanks for sharing (I have a huge container of sea salt already on hand! woot)