Do you have pictures or links of the prettiest vanity makeup organization?


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I want some vanity inspiration. Do any of you have beautiful vanity organization? I'm not really looking for how to store a ton of things. I'm searching more for just lovely set ups. I like Jaclyn Hill's space but I would love more to look at.

Do any of you have links, pictures or suggestions on where I should be looking?


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Here's some of mine


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Here's my set up :) I'm new to this too I love looking on Instagram or Pinterest and you tube at others Oh I love lisa pullano I think she's the best have a look at her insta page She also does a lot of DIY stuff I like the lights with the white curtains the best too :) I want to get more ideas on the pax wardrobes I wonder if anyone has any here I was going to start a thread :)

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