Does It Bother Anyone Else?


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Does it bother you when you see exclusive MAC necklaces and merchandise that only MAC employees get being sold on eBay? I think that that is downright disrespectful.


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No, it doesn't bother me. If it's their property and they decide to sell it then I don't see the problem.


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It doesn't bother me... because I want one! lol. But from an MA's point of view, I'd understand if it bothers them.


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If someone wants to drop a hundred dollars on a cheap plastic and metal beaded necklace that breaks at the drop of a hat, then the more power to them.


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Um... the necklace turns my neck green, and my pin broke right away. Can't wait to see what goes wrong with my certification necklace!

Enjoy your illicit MAC items.


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I wouldn't care at all. It's like saying, it's disrespectful to sell a school book your prof wrote that you had to buy for class. Whatev...stuff is stuff.


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Personally, I think there is too much to *really* worry about in the world to let something so trivial bother me. But that's just me


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I would probably never sell any of my jewellery on eBay because if I ever left MAC, I would want to keep it as a memory/keepsake. I think it's just stupid for someone to bid that amount on employee jewellery which is poor quality and would look silly on anyone that didn't work for the company. I'd just like to know why?

Beauty Mark

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I don't care, but is it against some company policy? If it is, I'm going to get a chuckle out of it, because it's really dumb


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It doesn't bother me at all....I've heard so much about those necklaces breaking and other things of similar nature....though I have to say, if I was able to get one under $30, I'd probably use nail glue to make sure the damn thing stayed together, and be pretty happy with that, lmao...Maybe I should have one custom-made...


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i dont see whats wrong with it to be honest its just a peice of jewelry its not like they are selling their lungs on ebay


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My husband bought me a lariat-looking necklace that looks like it can be about 30 different things (a belt when I wasn't pregnant, a necklace, a bracelet, etc.). I think he paid $30 for it. When I wear it, I just slip the portion that says "MAC" down my shirt so no one sees it. It's cute, but I don't want anyone thinking that I'm misrepresenting myself as a MAC employee; my husband just thought it was cute and bought it for me. *shrug*


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i buy mac for the quality/price of their product, and jewelry is not exactly their forte. with that much money, i would rather get an over priced rare/hard-to-find QUALITY mac product

that being said, i would be really happy to get a mac necklace (for selling)


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it doesnt bother me but...
i dont understand why youd want staff uniform stuff?
like previous people have said...
spend your money on hard to find makeup!


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It bothers me a little bit, because I know that I had to pass 3 interviews before getting that necklace. What bothers me even more are the people who buy/wear certification necklaces (like the application certification one), or the 4-year-bracelet (a silver bangle that is given to an employee on their 4th year of working for MAC). It might seem pathetic to some, but I had to put alot of time and effort into my makeup applications everytime I was getting certified. Buying it off of Ebay sucks the meaning out of all of that.


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It bothers me alot,especially since it isnt their property
If I was to quit,get terminated,whatever I would have to return the jewelery

plus its part of my job,not something that should be sold on ebay

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