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Not really but it sounds good

Anyways, here's my look from yesterday. I wanted to do something creative for my meeting with the owner of an Art school I might be attending. She asked me if I ever worked at MAC before and if not then I really should consider it lol. I really hope I get to take this class cause it teaches alot of tricks and techniques and touches on some airbrushing. Not to mention, I would get a whole kit of MAC products to work with
. When she showed me the kit, my eyeballs nearly fell out of my head

Olay complete moisturizer with SPF
MAC Fast Response Eye Cream
MAC Studio Finish Concealor Palette in Medium
MAC Blot Powder in Medium
MAC Shell Beauty Powder
Senna Blush in Blossom

Bare Canvas Paint
a non mac s/s in Blue Sky
MAC Shimmermoss
MAC Teal p/m
MAC Pink Pearl p/m
MAC Entremauve p/m
MAC Violet p/m
MAC Nocturnelle
MAC Shroom
MAC Phloof
BLM Playful
MAC Peacocky g/l
MAC Blacktrack f/l
MAC Brow Shader in Walnut/Ivoire
cheapie black e/l
Maybelline Great Lash

MAC Fushia Perfect CCB
MAC Platial Lustreglass

(These pictures were taken a few hours after application. They ended up being the only ones I could get before my battery died


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That's it...thanks!


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Oh jeez, this is so beautiful! I love the sparkle of the glitter and the flawless (as always!) blending. And I have my fingers crossed for you to get into the school too.


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hope the best for you in that school yay how exciting with all that mac very pretty like always.

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