Double wear and sff dilemma!

About 2 years ago now when I first got into mac I went and got foundation matched,or thats what I attempted anyways and was told I was a nw25 in sff,I tried it out and began a love hate relationship,some days I felt it looked reaaaalllly orange on me,some days I looked too pale some days it was ok.Then I discovered Double wear and got matched by the most ignorant,rude woman I have ever encountered ata beauty counter!She matched me with the shade Tawny and said ,'you could go lighter but you would look like Casper' oh great thanks.After trying this out I discovered yes Tawny was too light and occasionaly noticed I looked a bit yellow.I liked the foundation though so I went back (to a different counter!)and was matched too shell beige which on the most part is perfect.However I would really still love to know my true mac shade!Ihate going for foundation match ups but I am prepared to do so eventually,in the mean time however I was just wondering if anyone here wore dw and sff and what shades are they in both brands?
Sorry for the realllly long post!and if you read this far,thank you!


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Have you tried going to a different MAC counter or store and getting matched again? Make sure they check the colour match in natural light, that is key.
nope,I really dislike going to counters and asking to be colour matched,although I am going to get around to doing so again at the mac counter.I was just wondering if anyone here owned both foundations.Im thinking Im not even a nw at all.


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Just go to a different counter. I had been using Mac SFF since I was in high school till now, I notice It was dark on me. I went and got rematch again. I went 5x to find my perfect color. At first, they match me NC25 and C2 then realized It was yellow when I went outdoor,ehkk I looked like I had jaundice then when it set it made my face yellow gray.2nd rematch: NC25 and C3 eww still looking yellow gray. 3rd rematch: the make up artist told me If I get one shade up it will turn orange( returned it) 4th rematch: I went to a different mall and returned and got a rematch NC37 & C3; went home when it set It got little dark and orange. 5th attempt: we went close to the entrance door and get my make up match NC30 & C3. finally got my perfect match I set it with Mac blot pressed powder Medium dark. If the sales person ain't helpful then just go to a different mall or go another day for a different sales person.

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