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I dont like some of the ebay changes, excuse my language but the new sellers are fucked, the power sellers can benefit from some of the changes but what about the sellers who only want to make coupla quid from clothing or old CDs and whatever? Some of it sounds off to me.

What do you think?

Seller Update: Fees, Rewards & Standards

eBay buyers want value and selection from sellers they can trust--and good sellers deserve rewards for delivering great customer service. That's why we're making a number of important changes that may affect you:

Reduced Listing Fees

You asked, we listened. We're reducing Insertion Fees and adjusting Final Value Fees to lower your up-front cost to sell on eBay. You wanted free Gallery, now you've got it--plus more feature discounts.
Lower Insertion Fees
Making Gallery free
Lower fees for Gallery Plus, Picture Pack, and Feature Plus

Rewards for great sellers

There will be discounts and incentives for those who satisfy customers best. Who decides who gets rewarded? Customers do, by giving sellers high Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs).
More search exposure through Best Match
Fee discounts for PowerSellers
Increased protection for PowerSellers

Feedback Changes

Significant changes coming soon will increase buyer confidence and showcase good sellers.
Buyers will only be able to receive positive Feedback.
Positive repeat customer Feedback will count and Feedback more than 12 months old won't.
Negative and neutral Feedback left by the buyer will be removed for transactions in which a buyer doesn't respond to the Unpaid Item (UPI) or if the member is suspended.


Hadn't seen this on ebay, so cheers for sharing.

A lot of that actually sounds good to me, especially for one-off sellers (the reduced listings fees). The only thing I really disagree with is the lack of negative feedback. Yeh, I like to know if someone has a record of not actually sending products or being bad with returns or not answering messages.


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Buyers can only receive positive? I don't like it. I do think its good for neg/neutral to not count if person hasn't paid--then its usually "you gave me neg, I'll give you neg too". But then those two sentences contradict don't they? Like they'll remove neg/neu if the person doesn't pay, but then above it says they can only receive positive.

Meh Ill have to read all this stuff.


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dude when i got that email i nearly peed my pants - really -
buyers may only receive positive feedback? r u kidding me? what when they take a year and a day to pay (ignoring your time frame for payment) and ur left hanging cos u can't relist since ur waiting for some idiot? or they pay by e-check that bounces and you're left waiting for it to clear 2 maybe 3 times what then?


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Girrrl, I thought the same thing... no negative feedback. I thought the purpose was to be honest and fair in the feedback. I rarely give ppl negatives, but I will slap them with a neutral. I have had to block buyers who have not paid me for their purchases.

If buyers can give sellers negative feedback, we should be able to return the favor.


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not only that - what also concerns me is that those same deadbeat buyer now have ZERO fear of retaliation when they leave negative feedback cos they know they CAN'T get it back - in other words, they'll be a lot faster to leave a negative (deserved or underserved) without fear of retaliation. it's such a load of horse crap. they can choose to pay the day before an unpaid item dispute is closed and STILL leave you with unwarranted negative feedback.

the only thing i'm happy about are the reduced fees, and repeat customer feedback counting towards your feedback score. that's it.


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this is unbelievably stupid. I'm a buyer, not a seller, and I think the "buyers-can't-receive-negatives" thing is stupid.

Who dipped a little too deep into the scotch one night and dreamed this up? I honestly can't see how this is a good idea. It makes a poor environment for sellers, and makes *buyers* much less able to trust a seller's ratings -- a lot of negs suddenly don't mean as much at all, because a seller's rating can drop if, let's say, a buyer didn't like the tone of an email. And yes, I would like to know about buyers who regularly take an age and a half to pay for anything -- they're people I probably don't want to deal with as sellers either.


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