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I ordered a bunch of stuff when that 70% off coupon was floating around.
On November 30th, to be exact.
I got an email on the 7th or 8th of December that my order was shipped, received on the 12th. I feel like this took a really long time, but I'm also really impatient. If I could have just run to the store, I so would've!
Upside being that they didn't screw up my order at all.

And I'm lazy and don't want to take pictures.
I got:

Bronzed Mineral Glow -- It's like the size of a full-sized BE foundation. Looks really super dark in the package, but nice on my skin. And it's matte, which I like.
Mineral Blush in Coral -- It's a lot pinker in person. Kind of shimmery. Looks really nice on my face.
Eyeshadow Set in Basic Browns -- Comes with three eyeshadows; Wild, Confident, Elegant, a shadow brush & a contour brush, an eyeliner, and a pencil sharpener. I LOVE these colors. Haven't used the eyeliner, cos I don't need to. My favorite is probably Elegant which is a golden nudish shimmery color and I just love it. I also really like the brushes. I didn't find them too sparse or scratchy, I think they're lovely.
I also got a blending brush from the regular white-handled line and a double pencil sharpener which comes with another single one and an insert for the larger hole.

Again, love my new brushes.
I'd be happy to swatch things if anyone's curious :]


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Great haul! Enjoy!


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i just had that same problem!!! a week later, my stuff hadn't shipped. i called and they upgraded my shipping to 3 day shipping for free.....then i got an e-mail today offering a free 3-day shipping upgrade. so really they didn't do crap for me! and now i'm not going to get the bags i ordered in time for my trip that i bought them for


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I ordered on 12/2 and I got an email saying its just been shipped and I wont get it until 12/17. Im guessing that sale put a strain on their shipping. Good haul btw I happen to love the ELF studio small angled brush.


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I think that if they're on overload, they should hire more people ;x
I mean, they take the money out of your account before they ship, so they should ship on time! JEEZE! lol


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ya they do take their good ol time w/ shipping you really have to be patient w/ it ive seem some of their products sold at big lots and stores like target and such. so if you get too impatient waiting on the shipping give that a try.

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