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Elizabethan makeup tutorial.


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If you have access to this telegram i assume you are noble or at least upper class so wearing makeup is achievable and appropriate from you

The base we want to achieve is pale, we want to show the world we don't work, we don't need to. Now my go to product for achieving this look is a lovely product called ceruse. A mixture of lead carbonate dissolved in vinegar into a paste, no need to remove after use, just re-apply on top next wear. This product has a lovely drying effect that most surgeons also apply to wet wounds to dry them. I have noticed my skin turning grey from the use over time but I don't mind. I think it’s a bonus really! If you’re a little spotty like me a wonderful trick is glazing your face in egg whites! This hides any wrinkles and spots that were not covered by the ceruse. It’s important not to smile, to avoid cracking.
If you do wish to remove the makeup in the morning you could use cleansers made from urine, rain water, donkey's milk or red wine

Another tip is to use mercury powder to remove spots and wrinkles. It works wonders, though sometimes it works a little too well and corrodes the skin…

Now that our face is pale and delicate it’s time to bring some colour into our face.I LOVE red. So I use a wonderful pigment called carmine produced from cochineal, it’s all natural. Apparently it’s made of beetles. ghastly things, but it’s what everybody uses and i personally think that it looks gorgeous.

Now another wonderful natural product is Belladonna eye drops, it’s this gorgeous flower that enlarges your pupils to be dilated ,seductive and Teary, since men love when women are sickly and miserable! I jest. Though beware continued use can lead to blindness but i;ve faced no problems personally.

Now you can finish the look with a wonderful pair of mouse fur false eyelashes darkened with kohl. And that’s how to achieve the victorian rose/Virgin queen makeup look.

Lots of love, Lizzy


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