EOTD: I need some HELP!!!!!!!


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Hello Divas

I'm not really new to makeup...been loving it for a lon time. But I seem to be sooo behind the curve when I look at the lovely work of the people on Specktra. So I decided to post for help. Please review the pics and give some constructive criticism. It always looks nice to me UNTIL I take a pic of it! BLAH! Help!!!!

I used:
Mac Goldmine, Scheme, Zonk Bleu, Bronze
UD black liquid liner
MUFE Aqua Eyes pencil



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You've made a great start, especially on the brows, they're fierce! You might find it easier just sticking to one colour, you'll find them easier to blend. You can then work up to multiple colours as you gain confidence.

Keep up the awesome work, and the FOTDs. I know I always enjoying seeing people's FOTDs, especially the progress that novices make!


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i would say to build your skill blend two colors a little diff from each other when youre home not doing anything. taking your blending brush MAC#217, or Sephora Brush# 29


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I think that the color choice is great. The thing that I would tweak is the blending and the texture choice. Most of the colors that you listed are shimmer and it shows with the flash. Try using similar colors in the crease area, but satin or matte in texture. That way the lid and lower lash line will pop against the crease.


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I am LOVING the feedback! All the suggestions were great....off the practice! Thanks Ladies!

Simply Elegant

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I love the colours.
-Using primer will help colours go on more smoothly and make them more vibrant and blendable.
-Only blend out the very edges lightly in one direction.
-Applying a colour that's softer between highlight and crease will make it easier to transition and blend.
-Pack colours on instead of sweeping with a dense brush and blend with a small fluffy brush.


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^Those are great advices!! The colors you choose are great and suit you. Totally love your brows.

Keep practicing, keep posting! Thanks for sharing!

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