EOTD: Wishless


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My eyeshadow was designed around my t-shirt today. I took advice from my last post and used both eyeliner this time (I think would have used a dark green if I had it, instead of black) and filled in my brows, which I had never done before so I was surprised at what a difference it made.

To note: these pictures were taken about 11 hours later after a busy day, so it's a little faded but otherwise lasted okay. Also, I did manage to wake up with a cold yesterday, so please excuse the rest of my face looking sickly. :p

Base: MAC Matte
Inner 1/3 of lid: Aromaleigh Rocks! in Vivelerock (foiled w/water)
Outer 2/3 of lid: Aromaleigh eyeshadow in Divine Intervention (foiled w/water)
Crease: Aromaleigh Pue Hue in Arbor (foiled w/water)
Browbone: Aromaleigh Pure Opal body powder
Liner: Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Liner in Black (it did fade from the waterline because I did not use sealant)
Mascara: MAC Zoom Lash in Zoomblack.



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I love when people use CC to their advantage!
This is such an improvement from your last post, and I'm sure you'll keep getting better with practice.
Great job =]