Eye Makeup brshes?


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Hi folks! I can only afford to buy one or two MAC eye makeup brushes, which ones are must haves and can you not do without?


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I would say 217 and 239..I think you can get the majority of your eye work done with these two brushes...
Hope that helps!!


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I agree with the above. I use the 239 to pack on color, and the 217 or 224 to blend.


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I agree with the above! The 217 is a serious multitasker since you can blend e/s, use it for the crease, and blend concealer. The 239 is great for packing on color like cetati mentioned. I have a short handle 239 but I think I will buy a 272 full sized since it's supposedly very similar except the latter in angled.


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or you could get the Maxine's Mop brushes from Loew-Cornell.

natural-bristle, inexpensive and they last and last. i have 6 each of the 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch and 3 of the 1/2 inch.

Michael's Craft Stores in Canada doesn't carry these any more, i'm not sure about Michael's in the US. they often have Loew-Cornell brushes on sale.

i order my brushes online from:

Hofcraft Decorative and Fine Art Painting Supplies

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