EZR--can't find on macpro.com--is it d/c or called something else.....


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i'm looking to buy mac ezr, but can't find it!!!! on macpro.com, is it discontinued? or called something else? my search results either bring 0 results or 2 products: matte or moisturelush eye cream, is it either of these 2? pls help, i feel like i just saw it last week, and now its hiding

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Re: mac ezr

it isn't listed on macpro.com, kinda like grey glitter. but, if you call the #800, you should be able to get it. i did at the end of the year, and unless they've dc'd it since then, you should still be able to get it. otherwise, its at CCOs. if you call the #800, let me know if they still have it.