fair, blond hair, and blue eyes needs help with "dark" looks


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ive found so far that most darker looks like smokey blacks, greys, and even super colorful looks look wayyyyy better on dark haired girls. any tips for a dark look on a blondey like me?? i want to do dark smokey looks so bad but they always look scary!


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i think smokey eyes work for any skin/hair color, i'm the same type as you and i wear it all the time.
you could try using colors that are less harsh, e.g dark grey (like typographic) instead of black. the key is to blend well so the color is gradient.


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perhaps some colors that compliment your eyes as well as your skin tone? blue eyes and light skin tones need warmer tones to compliment, something like brown with a red tone.

Sarah Afshar

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Blue eyes look stunning in cooler, darker shades when it comes to dramatic looks. What shade of blonde hair do you have? What is your skintone? I would definitely recommend Mac's Carbon eyeshadow as the darkest shade. It's a matte black. Then I would use Mac's Nylon as a highlight, which is a shimmery pale golden beige shade. As for the neutral, definitely go with something that is a real light brown matte, almost taupe. Maybe something like Mac's Wedge, which is a real nice muted beige/taupe brown. I would use black liner. Any will do. As for mascara, you can do black if you want to be daring, but you can't ever go wrong with clear.


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I would go for steely greys, mocha browns, or shades of purple. Keep the rest of your face softer and that might make it more comfortable... your eyes are going to be the center of attention!


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I am a fair-skinned, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed girl as well. I pretty much wear anything to be honest but for smokey without worrying about scary black...

Satin Taupe is my favorite for a quick and easy smokey-eye; it's so pretty all over and if you darken up the lash lines and blend it out it looks really pretty without being over the top. Woodwinked is nice for that too for a warmer look, it really makes blue eyes pop. For a purple smokey eye I really love Shadowy Lady for the bulk of it, maybe some Carbon on the lashline, blending a bit lighter purple into the crease, blue or red toned, and a highlight of course (I love Phloof! or Vellum as highlights for purple looks). Another one of my favorites is a medium matte grey. It's lovely smoked out but doesn't look too harsh, especially during the day.

If I'm doing a brown smokey eye, then I'll usually pair it with a pink or peachy-coral lip, like Angel or Shy Girl. They are light enough that it doesn't look scary when paired with the eyes. But for greys or purples or whatever have yous, I do a nude lip or nude gloss. My only other tip is be careful with your blush application when you're doing a smokey look. I have had rushed blush accidents on occasion and it's not pretty. Very VERY light blush application. Being pale is hard, haha.


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My sister has the same problem. She has black hair and darker skin..anyways! She looks look with browns and gold and we add beauty marked to the outer corner and blend like theres no tomorrow. Dunno if that helps.. lol Just reallly play around with different combos and i'm sure you'll find a winner.

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