Fake MAC barbie blush YEs or No ?


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I have been wanting to find the Barbie blushers ...and have gotten both beauty powders ..1 from ebay one from specktra clearance bin ..

but this listing Mac loves Barbie 'Fab' Blush - eBay (item 120217472701 end time Feb-05-08 15:01:57 PST)

has me unsure ...the white lettering on the package ..this is fake yes ?

I seen white lettering on some oher ebay auctions ...which I don't think I have seen before ..but I haven't been into mac very long ..so I don't know.

so yes fake or no ?



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It looks like TRUE.


mine was from MAC Store


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the white lettering is indeed real - though you will find some with black lettering too. All my barbie stuff has white lettering - these were produced in the first reem of the barbie stuff. However, because there was such a demand for the barbie stuff, another load was manafactured - this second load used the 'standard' eyeshadow and blusher packing (as with the perm items) with the black text - rather than the LE white text that was produced only for babie.
Therefore - seeing white text means it was made in the original production of the barbie items