Fake MAC plastic bags LOL


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Now I have seen it all LOL! There are fake MAC bags out there on eBay

Just had to share:

LOT OF 10 MAC COSMETICS EYESHADOWS WITH GIFT BAGS - eBay (item 270511758609 end time Jan-12-10 02:38:11 PST)

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That is just pathetic. Everything in the picture just looks so fake! Nothing surprises me anymore...people will try to sell anything for a buck!! Not to mention that people will also buy anything if they think they are saving a buck.


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This just goes to show that when somebody becomes trendy, people become ridiculous just to fit the trend. Ugh, fake plastic bags?! What?!


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It's amazing what you can put the word "MAC" on and people will buy. I wish ebay would let you contact the buyer before it was over, so they could be warned!


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It's so sad that eBay doesn't do anything either. I got tired of spending hours reporting fakes with no result. I just don't have time to do it anymore.


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Why would someone bid on that, let alone 9 people? If MAC is popular from word of mouth you'd think SOME of those bidders would come on specktra!

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