Fake Ripe Peach?


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I got a Ripe Peach Blush Ombre from a Livejournal sale last week and am a bit worried if it's authentic or not. The label looks right and all, but where MAC is printed on the plastic cover, it's upside down. With all my other blushes, MSF's, etc. the "MAC" printing faces the button to open the compact...if that makes sense? But on RP, it faces the hinge. IDK if there are other products like this, but all of mine have the "MAC" facing the hinge. PLMK what you think, thanks


(Compared to Marine Life for reference. Button is closest side to camera)





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I don't have RP, but my AB is the usual way around. I tested and I could move the window around a little with some effort, can you move yours and get it to go the right way round? Maybe she moved it for some reason. Otherwise it looks like my AB.


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I once banged my Ripe Peach and the clear plastic of the lid popped out. I popped it right back in and everything was fine, but that could be what happened to your seller too. They might have just accidentally put the plastic in the wrong way around when they put it back in. I just checked my bottom label and it says exactly what yours does and has the same plastic lettering along bottom edge. Yours doesn't look like a fake to me. The color looks right too.

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