Faking freckles?


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I was just looking through some FOTDs and noticing some really beautiful girls with a few freckles. I freckle myself, but because I keep right out of the sun they've all faded... or exist very slightly in most non-sensical places such as the side of my nose.

I love freckles!! I think a little smattering across the cheeks is so beautiful and interesting.

Have you ever tried to fake freckles with any success? What did you use?

If you were going to fake them, what would you use?

Go freckles!


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you're freckles will most likely come back. My cousin has freckles, and like you kept out of the sun and even used special cream to get rid of them, lol. During the summer we went to the beach and they all came back lmaooo like nothing. If i were to fake freckles i'd probably use my mac eyebrow pencil in lingerling, it's a really tan soft color.

btw; i think freckles are adorable too


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^ smart choice

use a mid brown eyebrow pencil, because its less likely to melt and dot freckles on your nose and cheeks. Apply different sizes. Then apply a bronzer on top to give you a sunkissed look if you want.


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Thanks girls! I'm going to have fun experimenting with this. The hardest part is going to be making it look natural!

I did some Googling and read an article about creating freckles using fake tan... that makes sense. It'd last and fade gradually.


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I've never heard of faking freckles :p interesting. i have some and use to hate them but everyone else seems to think they are fine


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this makes me smile
i like freckles, they are cute. i have them but same as you, i stay out of the sun and they're currently gone. i am sure they will come back this summer or so.

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